Creative coaching for the creative future you desire and deserve.

Cr8tive Coach is a coaching programme* created by Dr Gillian McIver. It’s aimed at people in the creative arts, practising artists, grad students and postgrad, post-PhDs and academics who want the help of an experienced mentor to help them solve specific questions relating to work, creativity, career, life goals.

It is also aimed at people who want to have more CREATIVITY in their lives!

I run CREATIVE WORKSHOPS for artists (working in any art form) and all people who need more creativity in their life. Both 1:1 and small group workshops.

I run WRITING WORKSHOPS for artists and people in the arts. Writing Workshops for Artists focus on writing about your own work, for applications, funding, residencies etc.

Writing Workshops for people Working in the Arts focus on writing about art in the context of your own objectives: this is useful for those who manage collections, or need to commission art in business or community environments.

I mentor writers, screenwriters and especially professionals who are writing in English as their Second Language.

Dr Gillian McIver

*please be reminded that Creative Coaching is NOT therapy or psychoanalysis or psychiatry. Creative Coaching is a self-exploration tool and mentoring relationship aimed at enhancing your life.