Are you a Creative Practitioner needing help with your writing?

A lot of artists find it difficult to articulate what they want to say about their practice and their work.

I have spent many years writing bespoke copy for artists! I’ve written artist bios, statements, funding applications, residency applications, programme notes for exhibitions and festivals and more.

I have spent at least as many years teaching art and creative media students how to write about their work. And for even longer, I have been writing about my own work and about art in general.

Making an effort to write clearly, concisely and passionately in a way that reflects you and expresses what you truly want to say, will pay off.

I can coach you on how to apply for grants, write artist statements and blurbs for exhibitions and websites. It is NOT about writing in a mysterious ‘arty’ way, as sometimes it seems. Instead, it is about writing clearly, precisely and convincingly – but also capturing the reader’s imagination.

Many artists are told that there is a divide between the intellectual and the creative and that writing is an intellectual pursuit, not a creative one.


Tell that to Dostoyevsky or Walt Whitman. Or to Vassily Kandinsky, who made some of the greatest paintings in art history and wrote one of the most fascinating books (Concerning the Spiritual in Art).

Like art-making, writing is an important part of human communication Writing clearly about the things you care about is simply a skill that which can be learned and developed.

So aim for clarity, conciseness and committment in your art writing. And I’m here to help.

I run WRITING WORKSHOPS both group workshops and bespoke 1:1 workshops that will help you overcome writer’s block or simply craft your writing so it is communicative, persuasive and polished.

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  • If you simply want expert copy-editing services for your texts, I can do that too. I’m a published author of a number of books and articles. See www.writing.cr8tivecoachcom